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ABDW Expansion - Print & Play files

Unfair is available now in retail stores. If you would like to see the full details of the game, or try-before-you-buy, these Print & Play files are for you! 

These files are provided for personal use only. They may be printed on your own printer or at a commercial copy / printing centre, providing the copies are for your own use and not for sale.


PnP printing size test page

Use this sheet to test that your printer will print the cards at the right size, without wasting a lot of toner to find the right settings.

Your printer may not print to the correct size even when set to "100%" or "actual size", so you may need to adjust the percentage up or down to make the page print at the correct size.

For example, one printer in the Unfair office requires a setting of 99%, and another requires 101% to produce the correct size.

Expansion - ABDW themes

ABDW Rulebook

32 page A4/letter printable PDF  - updated 25 Jul 2023

Print 1 copy, double-sided, centered, scale to fit A4/letter.

Theme packs

Cards for ABDW last updated 01 May 2022


Alien - 8up layout, A4/letter printable PDF

Card reverse for Alien


B-movie - 8up layout, A4/letter printable PDF

Card reverse for B-movie


Dinosaur - 8up layout, A4/letter printable PDF

Card reverse for Dinosaur


Western - 8up layout, A4/letter  printable PDF

Card reverse for Western


Print 1 copy of each theme pack, actual size, and cut individual cards from the sheets.

The card reverse files can be printed directly on the back of the card sheets if you are printing on card stock (and your printer is good enough to line them up). Otherwise print and cut individual cards, and match the colour of the card backs with the colour of the card fronts.


Additional cards

Game Changers. A4/letter printable PDF. 

Card reverse for Game Changers.

Print 1 copy, actual size, match the card backs to the card fronts.


Token sheet, A3 printable PDF

Print 1 copy, double-sided, actual size.

(Honestly this is here mainly to show you what to expect. Actually matching the cut-lines front and back, or cutting out strange-shaped tokens is a lot of effort when you could use basically anything instead. We used green glass beads as Alien Influence.)