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Contact us

CHKO Kickstarter enquiries

If you have not yet received your copy of CHKO from the Kickstarter campaign 

Email directly to: [email protected]

Good Games Publishing has a support system where you can submit a ticket with your query.

Note that this address is for CHKO Kickstarter enquiries only - for other types of query, see below.


Parts replacement

Please submit a photo of any faulty parts so we can work with our manufacturer in improving quality control. You can also use this address if you have lost or destroyed a vital component, and we will try to help you out.

Email us directly at: [email protected]

This will create a support ticket, and allow us to keep all details of your request in one place.

What is 2am? Why email them?  2am Gameworks is the parent company for Unfair and Funfair products, run by Joel & Kate. We are now handling parts replacement for Unfair directly ourselves.


Unfair Players Discussion on Facebook

If you have a question about the game, join us on Facebook, where you will very likely get a quick answer.


Unfair on Facebook

Follow the Unfair page for news and announcements.


Unfair on BGG

We're also active on Board Game Geek, so you can ask questions and read answers there. If you have a moment to rate the game on BGG, that's always a big help.

Base game GJNPRV:

ABDW expansion:

CHKO expansion:

FLSU expansion: (und what? Under development)


General enquiries

We'd love to hear any questions or comments you have about Unfair!

[email protected]