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Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator (also known as TTS) is a program available on Steam for Mac and PC, which as the name suggests allows tabletop games to be simulated.

The Steam Workshop for Tabletop Simulator has the Official Unfair TTS mod, which is currently available for free (separate purchase of TTS is required though).


Card sheets

If you wish to make your own TTS mod, we offer suitable card sheets for each theme pack here.

Please note: These files are made available for non-commercial use only.

Updated: 3 May 2022.


New-style card sheets

Previously the card sheets always had 56 cards, arranged in the same sequence, and could all use the same shared card back image.

The CHKO theme packs have changed the composition in some cases, and made maintaining that format impossible.

Instead, we're now offering the card sheets in a "single copy" format, which is to say that each unique card will appear in the card sheet only once, and the TTS mod will need to duplicate cards that require multiple copies.

TTS pack - A - front and TTS pack - A - back

TTS pack - B - front and TTS pack - B - back

TTS pack - C - front and TTS pack - C - back

TTS pack - D - front and TTS pack - D - back

TTS pack - G - front and TTS pack - G - back

TTS pack - H - front and TTS pack - H - back

TTS pack - J - front and TTS pack - J - back

TTS pack - K - front and TTS pack - K - back

TTS pack - N - front and TTS pack - N - back

TTS pack - O - front and TTS pack - O - back

TTS pack - P - front and TTS pack - P - back

TTS pack - R - front and TTS pack - R - back

TTS pack - V - front and TTS pack - V - back

TTS pack - W - front and TTS pack - W - back


TTS - utility cards - front and TTS - utility cards - back


Old-style card sheets

We don't want any existing mods to suddenly break if they're using the old-style card sheets, so all of the existing sheets for the base game (GJPNRV) and the ABDW expansion have been updated, and the filenames kept the same.

Please note:  These files are now deprecated, and won't be updated again when the FLSU expansion is released.

TTS original card sheet - Alien

TTS original card sheet  - B-Movie

TTS original card sheet - Dinosaur

TTS original card sheet - Gangster

TTS original card sheet - Jungle

TTS original card sheet - Ninja

TTS original card sheet - Pirate

TTS original card sheet - Robot

TTS original card sheet - Vampire

TTS original card sheet - Western

TTS - common card backs

TTS - original utility - front and TTS - original utility - back


Disclaimer: these files may be updated at any time without warning, which may change the positions or numbers of the cards included. You are welcome to link to them directly, but at your own risk.