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Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator (also known as TTS) is a program developed by Berserk Games and available on PC, Mac, and Linux. As the name suggests, it allows tabletop games to be simulated in a 3D space and played over the internet with up to 10 people (depending on the game).


1. To play Unfair on TTS, you will first need to purchase a copy of Tabletop Simulator, which is available from these official distributors:

Steam | Humble Bundle | Fanatical | Green Man Gaming | Indie Gala

Note: we don't receive any payment from the purchase. Tabletop Simulator is needed to use the Unfair mod, but the Unfair mod itself is currently free.

2. Once you have Tabletop Simulator installed on your computer, the next step is to subscribe to the Unfair mod for TTS (Lemony Snicket would like to mention that "mod" is a word which here means "module" or "modification"). You will need to sign into (or sign up for) a Steam account for this step.

  Official Unfair TTS mod on Steam Workshop

3. After subscribing to the Unfair mod, start Tabletop Simulator. Once loaded, the options are to Join a game or Create a game.

If you want to try the Unfair mod out by yourself first, to see how it works before you play, you can Create a game and choose Single Player. If you want to play with friends, choose Multiplayer - this will make you the host of the game, and you can control who can join you. If you add a password to the game, you can limit entry to just your friends.

Note: unfortunately the Berserk Games logo that shows when the program loads has a blood-splattered appearance. If you find it unpleasant, it is possible to turn off the Berserk Games intro screen. Sorry for the necessity of this.

4. Once you've created the game session, you will see a list of many games divided into three main categories: Classic, DLC, and Workshop. The Official Unfair mod is listed in the Workshop section. Click and Load it.

5. The Unfair mod offers a choice of all currently published theme packs and game changers. You can click the theme to include it in the game, click again to exclude it from being chosen at random, or you can use the Randomise button to choose for you. Once you're happy with the options selected, click Start Game, and the mod will set everything up for you.

Note: to explore the Unfair mod by yourself, you will need to make the game pretend there are at least two players. To the right of the Unfair logo, beside the Help button, is a small button marked with the ☰ symbol. This menu has options just for Unfair, including "Override player count"  Set this to 2 if you would like to try a 2-player game with only one person.

The Help button in the Unfair mod gives a brief overview of the controls for playing Unfair in Tabletop Simulator.

6. Get started building your Park!

You can invite your friends, or join the Unfair Discord server to find other Unfair players. Discord is also useful for in-game voice chat while you're playing.

  Unfair Discord Server


If you enjoy the mod, rating it on the Steam Workshop is always welcome!






DIY Unfair TTS mod - card sheets

If you wish to make your own TTS mod of Unfair, we offer suitable card sheets for each theme pack here.

Please note: These files are made available for non-commercial use only.

Updated: 3 May 2022.


New-style card sheets

Previously the card sheets always had 56 cards, arranged in the same sequence, and could all use the same shared card back image.

The CHKO theme packs have changed the composition in some cases, and made maintaining that format impossible.

Instead, we're now offering the card sheets in a "single copy" format, which is to say that each unique card will appear in the card sheet only once, and the TTS mod will need to duplicate cards that require multiple copies.

TTS pack - A - front and TTS pack - A - back

TTS pack - B - front and TTS pack - B - back

TTS pack - C - front and TTS pack - C - back

TTS pack - D - front and TTS pack - D - back

TTS pack - G - front and TTS pack - G - back

TTS pack - H - front and TTS pack - H - back

TTS pack - J - front and TTS pack - J - back

TTS pack - K - front and TTS pack - K - back

TTS pack - N - front and TTS pack - N - back

TTS pack - O - front and TTS pack - O - back

TTS pack - P - front and TTS pack - P - back

TTS pack - R - front and TTS pack - R - back

TTS pack - V - front and TTS pack - V - back

TTS pack - W - front and TTS pack - W - back


TTS - utility cards - front and TTS - utility cards - back


Disclaimer: these files may be updated at any time without warning, which may change the positions or numbers of the cards included. You are welcome to link to them directly, but at your own risk.