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Interim Storage Dividers

These interim storage dividers were available as part of the CHKO crowdfunding campaign.

If you missed the campaign, you can make your own using the shape files below.

Assembly instructions

1. Remove the tray from the base game box, and lay out the pieces of the interim storage divider.

2. Start with the thickest pieces of the divider (there should be 2 of these, each with a fold in the middle - leave them folded).

3. Place those two pieces inside the box, with their slots facing upward. Leave them leaning a little bit so they don't fall over.

4. Now take one of the tallest remaining pieces (there should be three of these). Hold one with the slots facing upward.

5. Take one of the smaller pieces (there should be three of these) and slide it into the first slot on the piece you are holding. It should stay in place by itself once slotted in.

6. Slide in the other two smaller pieces.

7. Pinch all three of the smaller pieces together so you can hold them with one hand. You can then let go of the larger piece and it will stay in place.

8. Turn over the divider so that the slots on the smaller pieces are upward.

9. Slide the whole assembly into the box. You will need to stand up the thick edge pieces now, so you can slide the others into place.

10. Make sure that the ends are in the slots on the thick pieces.

11. Now you can straighten up the small pieces...

12. ... and slot in the other two tall divider pieces.

13. The compartment dividers go into the compartments, 2 dividers to each compartment. They are designed to go behind the theme pack they label. So: Alien cards, Alien divider, then B-movie cards, B-movie divider, etc.

14. The final compartments hold coins, tokens, miscellaneous items such as minis and dice. 

15. The shallow slots cut into the taller pieces allow the board to sit on top, the same way as in the original box tray.

16. All finished! Rulebooks go on top, then the lid.

17. The lid is intended to sit up by about 25mm / 1 inch.



Make at home

If you would like to make your own storage dividers, these are the shapes we used:

Unfair interim storage divider - 2mm board end pieces PDF (make 2 of these in 2mm board)

Unfair interim storage divider - 1mm board column & row dividers PDF (make 3 of each shape in 1mm board)

Unfair interim storage divider - compartment divider cards PDF (32 cards, make these in cardstock, round corners)

Updated 08 Oct 2023