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Update Cards #1

A list of what changed and why.

If you received replacement cards due to miscutting then you may already have a few of these updates, but the full set is included to ensure that everyone gets the most up-to-date cards.


Swapped the "Super attractions: 1" line with the "Total attractions: 5" line. 

We'd received questions about whether the super attractions are included in the attraction limit or not. The rulebook answered that, and it answers it even more emphatically now, but we also thought that putting the "Total attraction" limit last would help to make that clearer. Better to reprint only 6 cards now than change it later and need to reprint 10, or 14, or...


Changed Anonymous Complaint rule text.

Previously "close all ride attractions", now limited to "a type of ride attraction".

The original effect proved to be a bit more harsh than some players expected (especially those who built all-ride parks).

The new effect is limited to one type of ride attraction, without saying specifically "thrill ride" or "leisure ride", which means it can expand to work with future theme packs that include other types of rides without needing to be changed again.



Changed the expression of this rule.

Previously "Return all staff members in your park to your hand."

The new version handles the change in state through the keyword "dismiss", which means that other effects that trigger from dismissal can come into play. The previous version wasn't clear whether just putting the staff back into your hand counted as dismissal or not.


Clarified the blueprint requirement.

Previously did not include "+ Gangster theme icon".

Because the Car Chase has a Gangster theme built-in, it wasn't clear whether "any other upgrade" meant "other than the one already there" or not. This raised questions, so this version clarifies that it means any other upgrade in addition to the theme.


Added the word "with".

The original version omitted the word "with" after "Any Hotel". This raised questions about what subtle distinction was implied by the absence of this word (in fact, there was no coded message,  it was a mistake).


Changed Waste Management rule text.

Previously "Draw three Park cards." Now "Draw three Park cards and put them into your hand."

This change was to help clarify whether the cards are in your hand to choose from in the following part of the rule. This way it's clear that you can discard the cards you've just drawn, because they are now in your hand. It also helps to clarify an interaction with the Idol of the Clenched Fist, which allows you to refuse to discard cards from your hand when forced.


Added Ticket symbol.

Originally, the Ticket symbol was meant to mark only those Guests step rules that produced money (hence the coin on the ticket). However, since there are only a couple of rules that occur in the Guests step that don't produce money, the distinction wasn't clear. The Ticket is now consistently a reminder marker for Guests step effects.


Added the word "with".

The original version omitted the word "with" after "Any Food Outlet". Much speculation about the semantics of the missing "with", but ultimately it was just my mistake.


Changed method of applying "cannot add upgrades" rule

Previously it was in the rule box instead of in the build restriction strip.

This was a loophole pointed out by an eagle-eyed player - because the "cannot add upgrades" rule was in the rulebox, it technically became inactive if the ride was closed, and the Picnic Spot could then be built upon, which left it in an ambiguous state when it was re-opened - does the upgrade stay, or get immediately demolished?

The new version moves the limitation to the build restriction strip, which is a property of the attraction that is always active even when the attraction is closed, and thus can't be circumvented by any  cunning rules-lawyering.


Reworded in an effort to remove confusion.

Previously: some confusion.

The aim of the Idol is to allow you to say "no" when something tries to force you to discard a card from your hand.

The card being discarded has to already be in your hand, so the effect doesn't work on cards you've drawn to choose from before putting one in your hand.

The effect only works when an event that is in play tries to make you discard a card, so it doesn't work when discarding the card is a cost to play - you're choosing to discard the card in order to pay the cost, so it's not forced. If you would get some benefit for the discarded card, but you do not discard thanks to the Idol, you don't get the benefit.

If it says you "may discard" to do something, that's not forced, so the Idol is not activated.

Currently this combos with the Temple of the Sun super attraction, which does try to force you to discard a card. If you have secured the Temple's Idol, no penalty.

It also works with Waste Management, where you can draw cards and then choose not to discard any or all of them, thanks to the Idol.


Changed Demolition Order rule text.

Previously "Choose an attraction in any park and demolish it. To play this event, you must also discard one Event card from your hand for each ribbon icon to be demolished."

The rule effect wasn't changed at all, but the wording was rewritten.

This was changed with the aim of reducing confusion, and removing an exception to the order in which rules were stated. The previous version has the cost to play  written after the event's rule. The new version puts the cost to play before the event's rule, like all other cost-to-play statements.


Card effect rewritten completely.

Previously "Spend 1 coin for each attraction and upgrade icon included in your park. If you cannot, demolish upgrades then attractions until you can."

This card proved to be the cause of some considerable rage, more than was intended. The problem occurred for players when the previous round had lots of ride closures, and players made little money. Heading into this round, they would be required to demolish most of their park because they couldn't pay the insurance.

The new version is cheaper, but more importantly only closes attractions if not paid, rather than demolishing them, and it gives you a choice between paying or closing, rather than forcing the cash payment.


Card rule reworded.

Previously "Once per Guests step: Choose an open ride attraction in your park. Gain 2 extra coins for each star in its star total."

The previous wording caused some confusion about "each star", with some players thinking they needed to count the star symbols rather than totalling the numbers on them. Quite a reasonable interpretation, so the card is now reworded to remove that confusion.


Card effect rewritten completely.

Previously "Injunction. Close all attractions that do not have any guest services upgrades."

For first-time players, this effect was shown to have a demoralising effect because it could close the entire park at once. The rewritten version leaves smaller attractions alone, and only targets large ones that don't yet have guest amenities, which limits the extent of the damage it can do.


Card effect rewritten completely.

Previously: "Inspection.  For each ride attraction in your park, demolish the upgrade built closest to the Attraction card."

This was another of the trio of cards that caused more rage than was intended. 

The rewritten version allows a choice between cash or demolition, and the player can retain the card to replace it later, so that the demolition effect doesn't completely destroy any hope of completing  blueprints.


Reworded to close a loophole.

Previously "Once per Events step: You may reveal the top card of the park deck until you find an upgrade you are allowed to build on this ride. You may build it immediately for free, if possible. Discard any unused cards. Stop if you empty the deck."

The previous rule text has a loophole that doesn't specify where the upgrade you find must be built, so it can technically be built on any attraction, which means that the Robopocalypse can produce that same upgrade again next time without failing.

The new wording is specific that it must be built on "this attraction".


Changed the build restriction

Previously didn't allow any upgrades.

The previous "no upgrades" limit caused problems in the Pirate / Robot 2-player matchup. One of the blueprints calls for a food outlet with certain upgrades, and since this food outlet couldn't be upgraded, there was only one other. That turned what should have been an easy-enough blueprint into a difficult one, requiring a lot of inside knowledge of card counts, and not suitable for a first time 2-player game.

The altered version is still cheap, can now be upgraded, but retains the thematic limitation that it can't be made very good.


Changed the rating value, then changed it back.

The Unfairness rating here was initially set to 4, was changed to 3 during reprints for replacement cards, and then reset to 4 after a review of all changes in the most recent printing. You may already have a card with value 4 for this reason.

The reverse of the card now mentions that Mesmerism tokens are used with this theme pack.


Added Ticket symbol.

Originally, the Ticket symbol was meant to mark only those Guests step rules that produced money (hence the coin on the ticket). However, since there are only a couple of rules that occur in the Guests step that don't produce money, the distinction wasn't clear. The Ticket is now consistently a reminder marker for Guests step effects.


Reworded to close a loophole.

Previously "Once per Events step: Choose a staff member without a mesmerism token in any park. Add a mesmerism token and move them to your park until the Cleanup step."

This guy's original rule has proven to be quite confusing, and also offered a loophole that wasn't in the spirit of the effect.

The Mesmerist was intended to allow you to take control of a staff member, once, at a critical time, and then return control afterwards.

The approach of moving the mesmerised staff member to your own park put them under your control, and you could technically dismiss them while you controlled them - not thematic for mesmerism.

There was also a question of what happened if the Mesmerist left play after kidnapping a staff member.

So now the reworded version doesn't move the staff member, or give you control to dismiss them. You gain control of the staff member's ability only, and there's no movement between parks, which resolves the question of what happens if the Mesmerist disappears ("there's nothing to undo").