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Unsleeved storage

Base + ABDW  + CHKO all in one box 

If you do not sleeve your cards, then fitting all the components is relatively straightforward. Store two theme packs per compartment, leaving the other compartments and the central channel for token storage.

Note that the Comicbook pack has a few extra cards compared to a standard theme pack, so it doesn't play well with another theme pack in the same compartment.

Game Changers and Sneak Peek cards need to double up with another theme pack. In this picture they're behind the Western deck, in the top right, but they could go in the same compartment with Comicbook.

You can slip the scorepad down the side of the tray, and put the pencil in the central compartment. These can be left out entirely if you use the Unfair Scoring Web App.



Big box 

We are planning a deluxe "big box" to hold all 26 themes and their components, but this won't be available until the game is completed with the final expansion.