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Sleeved Storage

All in one box

Storing your sleeved cards for Base + ABDW + CHKO  in the base game box only is possible but will require a custom storage solution.

Some resourceful Unfair players have designed and shared some custom storage systems, including:

3D printed compartments - 

Tuckboxes in the Unfair BoardGameGeek files section -

Separate boxes

If you prefer to store your sleeved cards in the individual boxes, we've designed a 3D printed theme pack holder to help.

Thanks to Alex Finch for 3D modelling of this item.


Four of these together will hold the cards for one expansion, fitting snugly in the new thinner expansion box, and making them easy to lift out by swinging the deck holder upward as shown.


To store all the other components, the recommended storage configuration is to have base game + ADBW in the compartments of the base game box, and use the ABDW box to store tokens and expansion rulebooks. For cards from all subsequent expansions, use our handy theme pack holders (or the ziploc bags provided) and store them in their individual boxes.



Download the theme pack holder 3D file

STL format, 0.9 MB

Updated: 24 Oct 2023


Big box 

We are planning a deluxe "big box" to hold all 26 themes and their components, but this won't be available until the game is completed with the final expansion.