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Sneak Peek: _____ Kingdom

Attraction – Themeland

Illustration: Mr Cuddington



Sneak peek for the Medieval theme pack.



  • Unfair base game (GJNPRV) Kickstarter reward
  • Unfair ABDW expansion Kickstarter reward


Shuffle this card into the relevant deck during setup and proceed as normal. Add no more than one copy of any sneak peek or promo card. Don't use it with the theme pack it comes from.


This attraction closes immediately after it is built, because it does not have a theme. It doesn't automatically open again if you add a theme - you must open it manually yourself, or wait until the normal reopen activity during the Cleanup step.

The attraction reopens every Cleanup step, along with all other closed attractions, but if it doesn't have a theme by that time then it will immediately close again.





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