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Robopocalypse 2057

Super Attraction – Thrill Ride

Illustration: Mr Cuddington

Found inQuantity


Once you find a suitable upgrade, you may build it, which means that you're not forced to build a Flagpole or other limiting upgrade you might draw, if you don't wish to. If you choose not to build, the card is unused and discarded along with the other revealed cards.

+ Alien Influence

You are allowed to build any upgrade that is priced in Alien Influence on the Robopocalypse, which satisfies the first part of the rule. However, upgrades priced in Alien Influence cannot be built for free, which means the second part of the rule fails, and the card is discarded.

No human technology can bypass the alien technological mastery, so there is an unfortunate misfire in this combination - one of the weaknesses of the Robopocalypse.



Reworded to close a loophole.

Previously "Once per Events step: You may reveal the top card of the park deck until you find an upgrade you are allowed to build on this ride. You may build it immediately for free, if possible. Discard any unused cards. Stop if you empty the deck."

The previous rule text has a loophole that doesn't specify where the upgrade you find must be built, so it can technically be built on any attraction, which means that the Robopocalypse can produce that same upgrade again next time without failing.

The new wording is specific that it must be built on "this attraction".





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