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The Printshop

Super Attraction – Sideshow

Illustration: Mr Cuddington

Found inQuantity


If you build The Printshop during the Park step, you must lose coins according to the card rule at the end of the Park step, even if you didn't gain coins at the start. The usual workaround for this is to build such that you have nothing left to lose at the end of the round. There are also methods available in a some theme packs to build it during the Events step.

+Offshore Account

You can build and own an Offshore Account while you have The Printshop, but you cannot use the Offshore Account's ability to add coins to its total.

However, the Offshore Account also has an ability that doesn't require your involvement, which is to add 20% of its total to itself. This continues to operate even if The Printshop is in your park.

Note also that an attraction's abilities become inactive when the attraction is closed, so if The Printshop closes for a round, the Offshore Account is available to use during that time.

Thematically, the overseas banks are not interested in taking your cash whenever it might be counterfeit.





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