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Gen Con

Attraction – Sideshow

Illustration: Mr Cuddington




  • Gen Con 2016 - booth giveaway
  • Unfair base game (GJNPRV) Kickstarter reward
  • Unfair ABDW expansion Kickstarter reward
  • Available now from the BGG store

Playing with Gen Con requires a "lively and interactive" game, which means in practice that the person who controls it should get smacked a lot. Allowing Gen Con to sit with just one player will make for an unbalanced game; it requires that the players add the balance.

Park limits do not apply to Gen Con. This means:

  • Gen Con occupies a special attraction space in your park that is otherwise inaccessible, and does not use up a standard attraction space.
  • Gen Con's attraction space is not numbered. If any effect needs to calculate based on the attraction space number, the answer is "not applicable", and the calculation fails.
  • Gen Con is not nearest to your park entrance. It is not furthest from your park entrance. (It is a geographical oddity, two weeks from everywhere.)
  • When Gen Con moves to another park, it does not free up an attraction space for building other attractions in your park.
  • If an effect allows moving an attraction within your park, Gen Con is not a valid target, because it cannot move into a standard attraction space, and no other attraction can move into its space.
  • If an effect allows demolishing an attraction, Gen Con is a valid target, because it is still an attraction in your park.
  • The star total of Gen Con (plus any upgrades added to it) is not subject to the normal park capacity limit, so you can add the 4 stars from Gen Con after limiting to your capacity. For example, if you have filled a capacity of 15 without Gen Con, your park would score 19 stars with it.

To show the special nature of Gen Con's position in the park, it is recommended to place it separately above the park entrance, rather than in a standard attraction space.

As with any other attraction, any upgrades added to Gen Con move with it when it moves. Any tokens it has accumulated move with it when it moves.





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