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Idol of the Clenched Fist

Upgrade – Feature Artifact

Illustration: Mr Cuddington



The aim of the Idol is to allow you to say "no" when something tries to force you to discard a card from your hand.

The card being discarded has to already be in your hand, so the effect doesn't work on cards you've drawn to choose from before putting one in your hand.

The effect only works when an event that is in play tries to make you discard a card, so it doesn't work when discarding the card is a cost to play - you're choosing to discard the card in order to pay the cost, so it's not forced. If you would get some benefit for the discarded card, but you do not discard thanks to the Idol, you don't get the benefit.

If it says you "may discard" to do something, that's not forced, so the Idol is not activated.

Currently this combos with the Temple of the Sun super attraction, which does try to force you to discard a card. If you have secured the Temple's Idol, no penalty.

It also works with Waste Management, where you can draw cards and then choose not to discard any or all of them, thanks to the Idol.



Reworded in an effort to remove confusion.

Previously: some confusion.

Original wording was:

"If the effect of an event would require you to discard a card that is already in your hand, you may keep the card instead. This does not apply to discards required to play an event."

Hidden / References / Spoilers


The Idol is a reference to the golden idol at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It too is better left in its intended location.

There is a spot at the top of the Temple of the Sun illustration showing an empty altar in front of the same stone wall as the Idol of the Clenched Fist, where the idol has been removed. Pairing the two cards replaces the idol in the temple and disables the traps.





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