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Instant Karma


Illustration: Mr Cuddington

Found inQuantity


Your park must be affected in some measurable way before you can use Instant Karma in response. You cannot block an event from affecting you and use Instant Karma in response to it.

It creates a duplicate of the event that affected you, but not the choices made by the originating player. For example, if they chose to destroy a feature upgrade in your park, you are not required to choose a feature upgrade in response.

Simply treat it as if you are playing the original event and follow through whatever rules it has as normal.

The only requirement is that the choices you make must affect the originating player if it is possible to do so. If it is not possible, you may choose any other player.

If an additional cost was paid to use the original event, such as discarding a number of cards or tokens, your duplicate has that cost already paid, but you can't extend how much was paid. The size of the payment was determined before the event was put into play, and is not a decision of the event itself.

You can use Instant Karma on Instant Karma - you are effectively duplicating the original attacking event again.

If you have two copies of Instant Karma in hand at the same time, each of them may be used one after the other in response to the same original event, with different choices each time.

+ The Shakedown

You duplicate the whole ability of The Shakedown, not the result; it counts the Gangster Themes in your park, and may not be as lucrative.

+ Headhunting

You can choose to take back the staff member that was just taken from you, since after the original event that staff member is now in their park.





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