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Stormy Weather

City - Unfair

Illustration: Mr Cuddington

Found inQuantity


The star total of your park represents people attracted to visit the park. Capacity is the limit of how many of those people will fit and become guests.

For example, if your park had 21 stars in total, that means normally 21 people would like to enter the park. If your park has a capacity of 15 then when they arrive, 6 of them will be turned away and 15 of them are allowed to enter and become guests.

In this example, Stormy Weather means 11 people stay home because of the rain, and only 10 try to enter (half of 21, rounded down).

All 10 are permitted because 10 is within the capacity of the park. Once they are in the park, they're guests.


+ Sponsorship Deal

Sponsorship Deal pays +1 coin for each guest, so it must be applied after Stormy Weather has adjusted the star total of the park so that you can work out the number of guests.

In the example above, 10 guests enter the park during the bad weather, and Sponsorship Deal pays +1 coin for each, giving an income of 20 coins instead of 10.



Added Ticket symbol.

Originally, the Ticket symbol was meant to mark only those Guests step rules that produced money (hence the coin on the ticket). However, since there are only a couple of rules that occur in the Guests step that don't produce money, the distinction wasn't clear. The Ticket is now consistently a reminder marker for Guests step effects.





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