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Shady Business

City - Funfair

Illustration: Mr Cuddington

Found inQuantity


Shady Business offers an immediate choice - you can choose to accept 10 coins with a prohibition against playing Event cards from your hand this round, or not. You gain the coins immediately after making the choice.

This card is on the list for future review and update, to make the wording more immediately clear.

Note that discarding a card to defend against an attack is considered "playing" that Event card, so if you choose to take the coins, only defense abilities that are on Park cards will be available to you.

This is intended to be a decision, a risk-reward tradeoff, rather than just a nice bonus if you happen not to play any other Event cards.

If you take the job with Gangsters, you'll be too busy for any other direct Event card play that round.



Adjusted for clarity.

Previously "Events step: You may choose to play no events from your hand at all. If you do, gain 10 coins instead."

The previous wording caused some confusion regarding the timing of the choice. Do players take the money immediately, or only at the end of the Events step when they have in fact played no events?

The revised wording is intended to make it clear that if the player gains coins immediately if they choose that option, and playing events (of any kind, for simplicity) is then prohibited.





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