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A 2-for-1 Deal

City - Funfair

Illustration: Mr Cuddington



As with all effects that mention a marked coin price, if a card's price is marked in a different currency, such as Alien Influence, then it doesn't have a marked coin price, and isn't a suitable choice.

+ House of Wax

If you used the House of Wax and paid a non-zero amount of coins to build an upgrade, and the upgrade came from the Market, then you can build a second attraction or upgrade from the Market for free using the 2-For-1 Deal if it is the active City event that round.

You don't get to choose a free build up to the marked coin price of the item, only the amount you actually paid, just like a real-world 2-for-1 deal.

The House of Wax is an extra option allowing you to use an action to build an item for a lower price, but it doesn't actually reduce the price of all the other items in the Market for you.






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