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Blueprint D004 - We Spared No Expense


Found inQuantity


The Bonus section can be completed by having no dinosaurs and thus no requirement for any particular number of Quality upgrades.

This is a legitimate reading of the current Bonus requirement, but it  represents an unintended loophole that the blueprint will almost certainly be adjusted to remove in future releases.


Note that the Required section cannot be completed without attractions, since a star total of 3 from Quality is required, and Quality cannot exist without an attraction for it to upgrade.



Changed a requirement.

Previously "At least 3 stars in total from Quality upgrades."

This change was driven by player feedback that it was too easy to complete this blueprint using only one or two attractions.

There was also a thematic disconnection that it was possible to have a high quality park that met the blueprint without actually having any dinosaurs.

Changing the requirement from Quality to Dinosaur Animals means taking more of a risk to achieve the necessary stars.





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