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a new board game for 2 - 5 players


Build the city’s greatest theme park.

Hire thugs, bribe officials, and blackmail politicians to ruin your competition.

Match blueprints to earn big points. 

With Pirate, Robot, Vampire, Jungle, Ninja and Gangster theme packs in the base game, there’s plenty of variation and replayability.


Joel Finch

Joel Finch

Game designer

Joel wrote a choose-your-path book in the style of Steve Jackson's Fighting Fantasy series at the age of 15, and had it successfully rejected by Penguin Books. At 19, he self-published a text adventure game called The Multi-Dimensional Thief, featuring a working portable hole.

Later, Joel was one of the founders of Wildfire Studios, designing a number of popular pinball titles including Balls of Steel  (featuring Duke Nukem). In 2005, Wildfire released the successful casual game Tumblebugs, followed by Jungo, and Tumblebugs 2.

Joel began work on Unfair  in 2011. This is his first board game, but not his first rodeo.


Mr Cuddington

Mr Cuddington


Credited for their work on games such as Super Motherload, The Great Dinosaur Rush12 Days of Christmas, and Steampunk Rally, duo illustrators David Forest and Lina Cossette know a thing or two about creating pretty games. You'll usually find them nested in their little countryside studio, seamlessly combining their talent under the name Mr. Cuddington.

Philippe Poirier

Phillipe Poirier


Philippe is a video game artist and freelance illustrator, based in Montreal, Quebec. He has a background in traditional and 3D animation, and currently works in the gaming industry for Playtika. He has worked on games such as Pearl's Peril and Fruit Ninja Kinect 2.

Good Games Publishing

Successfully Kickstarted and fully-stretched in September 2016.

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